Chacun À Son Goût

Burslem Normals

20. března 2008 v 12:05 | Minion |  Texty písní
In your face there´s nowt left
They have defaced the marks
you left upon the wall
The writing´s now not there at all
Can you stand what you stood for
Are you more normal than before

Goodbye to the Normals
Goodbye to the Normals

In your place there´s just chavs
The kids aren´t alright
they know they´re born today
Reaching out to feel the sun
At the time it seemed like fun
I was there when you got done
There for two weeks by the surf
We used to know what we were worth
Before the Normals fell to earth

Goodbye to the Normals
Goodbye to the Normals

Whatever happened to
the mere mortals crew
The fine young casuals
blew a fuse and
All the Burslem lads know
that they´re all Dads
It meant so much to me,
it makes me sad

In your wake there´s nowt left

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